sleep sex strength food supplement testosterone libido vitamins minerals

Sleep, Sex and Strength are all strongly interrelated with our overall well-being and quality of life.

Why Sleep Sex Strength

There are so many supplements available, it is often impossible to know exactly where to start. For example, the most popular supplements include Vitamin D, ZMA, D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc and Arginine. Each of these supplements are indeed essential when it comes to improving your health. Yet buying each of these supplements separately is both expensive and inconvenient. With this in mind, our team has developed a unique formulation which includes all of these amazing nutrients in one single supplement. Sleep Sex Strength has been specifically designed to help enhance your sleep quality, improve your sexual function, and boost your strength levels.

sleep sex strength food supplement testosterone libido vitamins minerals
sleep sex strength food supplement testosterone libido vitamins minerals

When Your Sleep Suffers, So Do You…

Sleep is vital for every single area of brain function. This includes cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. When you don’t get enough sleep or get poor quality sleep, all of these are negatively affected.

This was proven in a study of medical interns. It was found that interns working a traditional schedule with extended work hours of more than 24 hours made 36% more serious medical errors than interns on a schedule that provided them more sleep. Conversely, another study found that good sleep has been shown to enhance memory and improve problem-solving skills of both children and adults.

Better Sleep = Better Athletic Performance

In a study of basketball players, researchers concluded that longer sleep significantly improved speed, accuracy, reaction times and mental wellbeing. Less sleep, on the other hand, has also been linked with poor exercise performance and functional limitation in elderly women. In a study of over 2,800 women, it was discovered that poor sleep was associated with slower walking, lower grip strength and greater difficulty performing independent activities.

sleep sex strength food supplement testosterone libido vitamins minerals
sleep sex strength food supplement testosterone libido vitamins minerals

Poor Sleep Is Linked To Depression

There is a strong correlation between depression and sleeping disorders. A recent study found that 90% of people with depression complain about sleep quality. Another study even associated poor sleep with an increased risk of death by suicide. Needless to say, good sleep is crucial to improving your mood and overall enjoyment of life.

Sleep Loss Lowers Testosterone

According to a study published in the June 1 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, poor sleep drastically reduced testosterone levels in a group of healthy young men with an average age of 24.

As men age, their testosterone levels decline 1% – 2% a year. A deficiency in testosterone is linked with low energy, reduced libido, fatigue and poor concentration. Sleep Sex Strength is formulated specifically for males and females to help balance your hormone levels along with contribute towards a multitude of other features such as libido, performance, focus and sleep quality.

sleep sex strength food supplement testosterone libido vitamins minerals

Are You Making This Mistake?

If you are not getting the results you want in the gym, it is very easy to believe that doing more exercise is the answer. The truth of the matter, however, is that it is actually the worst thing you could possibly do. In fact, doing so will ruin all the hard work you’ve done!

Stimulate, Don’t Annihilate!

Exercise, in any form, involves you applying stress to the body. The body adapts to this stress so that it will find it easier to cope when the same stress is applied next time. This is how you get fitter, bigger and stronger. Unfortunately, many gym goers take a “more is better” philosophy when it comes to exercise. While this works best when investing your money in a bank, for example, it does not apply when investing your effort and time in exercise.

If you do any more exercise than is necessary, you put your body under unnecessary stress. This is called overtraining and will not only hinder your muscular growth, but everything related to your nervous system too.

Here Is What Happens When You Are Overtrained

You feel exhausted no matter how long you slept the night before.

You hit a plateau and can’t seem to get bigger or stronger, no matter what workouts you do.

Despite being very fit, your sex drive is severely diminished.

You Only Grow Muscle While You Sleep!

Muscle growth happens outside of the gym, when you are recovering from the stress of the exercise you applied to your body in the gym. The better you sleep, the better the results you will get in every area of your life.

Unfortunately, most people don’t get enough sleep each night. Even when they do, it is often of such poor quality that it affects every area of their lives.

Our carefully curated formulae have been through rigorous testing and studies. We have used this information to create the perfect combination to help you optimise your sleep, sex and strength.

The Team Behind Sleep Sex Strength

The team that brought you Sleep Sex Strength consists of a pharmacist, a registered nutritionist and member of the Royal Society for Medicine, an internationally recognised IRCA Trainer and Lead Auditor who has sub-contracted for British Standards (BSI), SGS, Lloyds, DAS, NQA, BMTrada, Ocean Certification and many others, a health research scientist with over 20 years of experience, record-holding international athletes, an award-winning sales and marketing consultancy and other highly experienced professionals. From this vast wealth of experience, you can rest assured that Sleep Sex Strength is a science-backed product of the highest quality and efficacy.

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